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Overall, Fansly is more than a reliable and solid alternative to OnlyFans for both creators and fans alike. And with the platforms tiered subscriptions and improved targeted geo blocking, it clearly outperforms OnlyFans when it comes to usability as well as offerings. We don't show any leak Fansly content, only public information to promote Onlyfans creators.

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If you’ve never heard of Fansly, you’d probably have especially after OnlyFans announced it’ll be banning sexually explicit content from the platform starting from 1st October, 2021. Fansly, being a free and subscription-based social media site that host adult contents in a similar way to OnlyFans, claims to have seen a huge uptick in popularity with 4,000 applications per hour due to the OnlyFans sexual content ban. According to Fansly’s Twitter account profile that was created in November 2020, the platform only began to grow in early 2021 when OnlyFans creators started getting worried about OnlyFans’ intentions to ban adult contents come October of the year. Fansly boasts about 2.1 million users as of August 21, 2021 which ultimately makes it one of the most popular alternatives to OnlyFans.

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When it comes to getting paid, Fansly takes the OnlyFans approach by enabling creators determine their own prices for subscription on the platform. However, one special feature it possesses is that it allows creators to offer multiple subscription tiers. Although most creators can be followed for free on the platform as the majority would give their fans access to both selfies as well as censored and exclusive contents, however a lot of these free contents would be censored using emojis to cover certain parts of a photo or video while paid subscribers are given full access to the uncensored version of the content. With that in mind, there happens to be a wide range of cost and revenue for both fans and creators respectively. For the paid subscription option, several Fansly creators mostly charge between $5 to $15 per month to enjoy full access to their uncensored contents. Although many offers just a single tier, you’d also discover some who take advantage of the opportunity to offer multiple tiers. For instance, you’ll find some creators who charge lesser amount for a particular length of video but on another tier where they charge a higher amount, the videos would be much longer. Fansly places a 20 percent charge on all the subscriptions as well as pay-per-view earnings on the platform and according to their application page, top creators are able to earn more than a staggering $10,000 on a monthly basis. With this percentage of payout exactly the same with OnlyFans, Fansly creators are provided the opportunity to make as much earnings as they could with OnlyFans.

OnlyFans allow content creators to post uncensored, X-rated photos as well as videos and host live streams which allows followers to interact with the creators in real time.The site also offers a messaging feature which enables content creators to market to their audience just like email marketing, with the goal of notifying them about new or exclusive content, polls and lots more. In order to increase audience engagement, brand affinity as well as optimizing viewership, creators bank mostly on live performances. It should, however, be noted that OnlyFans is not only created for adult materials. But due to the fact there’s no restrictions, the site quickly became the go to destination for exclusive x-rated contents and home for adult performers, sex workers as well as models who share NSFW content.